A partnership between the Public Sector and FDIC member community banks.

IDP is a community bank funding program for Public Sector and Institutional investors. One account provides FDIC insurance for up to $35M per tax identification number. In this low rate investment environment, investment officers are looking for a way to safely diversify their liquidity needs. Small to mid-sized banks occasionally have a need for deposits but public sector always has a need for safe, competitive rates of return. IDP facilitates an investment relationship between cash managers and community banks.

Our primary goals are to provide competitive rates for larger deposits along with the convenience of next day liquidity. IDP does that efficiently and securely. One account form is all that is required. We centralize administration and reporting so you don’t have to. One monthly rate is established and multiple levels of oversight are implemented to prevent bank duplication. All banks within IDP are classified as “well capitalized” by the FDIC. In addition, IDP program banks are carefully screened and continually monitored on a variety of industry standard capital based metrics. This ensures banks of the highest category of financial stability.


Water Walker Investments is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor based in Tampa Florida and founded in 2000. Water Walker administers a variety of short-term fixed income investment alternatives for the Public Sector. IDP represents the national offering of Preferred Deposit Program, a component of the Florida Fixed Income Trust.