Safety, liquidity, competitive yield and diversity all with one access point.

IDP represents a collection of FDIC insured money market demand account (MMDA) programs. These programs provide well capitalized community banks with the brokered deposits they occasionally need. On their own, few of these programs rarely have the ability to allow for much more than $8M to $15M per investor. By combining these programs under one umbrella, investor deposits can be significantly increased (currently up to $35M*). Public sector cash managers only have to open one account. We closely monitor for overlapping banks to assure FDIC insurance on all deposits.

Each of the IDP member programs designate their bank selections for your account and all rates are blended into one set monthly yield. One account is opened, daily online account access is provided, and a monthly statement is produced. Interest accrues daily and is paid monthly.


*Additional IDP program participants are currently under review in attempt to further increase capacity.